Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Success Leaves 10 Clues

As a Network Marketing Professional I am inspired when someone in our industry cracks the code for success because success leaves clues.
This is an important concept to embrace because one of the key distinctions I see between someone who enters our profession and turns this into their career versus a hobby is the amount that this individual attempts to recreate the wheel.
Network Marketing is really easy as a profession if you follow the fundamentals and gather all of the clues that others have left behind, but on the other hand, it can be extremely challenging when you are turning a blind eye to these clues.

Here are my top ten clues to help you achieve success
1.)   Your list is your driving force for success so treat this like the valuable asset that it is and continue to work it and add to it daily.
2.)   Own the first 30 days of a new business builders experience and find a way to help them gain momentum so they feel like they are progressing
3.)   Never miss a conference for anything other than the birth of your first born (and even then try to plan accordingly)
4.)   Invest 60 minutes each day in your own personal development - both mind and body.
5.)   100% is much easier than 90% so never give yourself a day-off from any rhythms you establish in your life whether they are personal or professional.
6.)   Be aware of your business everywhere and anywhere. This does not mean you become a piranha, but it does mean that whenever you can guide a conversation in the direction of introducing your product or your business, you do it.  Share your business don't sell it!
7.)   Express gratitude when you feel this emotion so that the people in your world who are contributing to your life know that they are making a difference in real time.
8.)   Whenever you are about to end your day, take one more action before you “shut off” because most people stop one step before success
9.)   Take nothing personally and recognize that every experience adds a piece to your puzzle called life.
10.)Vote on my proven business strategy that I submitted on the SYNDUIT CROWDSOURCING PLATFORM – we need 2,500 votes and SYNDUIT will build my idea so that everyone will benefit from this proven strategy.

It is time to stop recreating the wheel and to instead to follow what works!
This is the primary reason why I decided to become a SYNDUIT CONTRIBUTOR. This company is building the first and only proven, compliant, and easy to implement business growth system for Network Marketing Professionals, which is 100% built by the MLM CROWD.
You need to see this for yourself and I really encourage you to vote on my submission because this is the ultimate CLUE for your success.

Thanks for your vote... Shaleen Ague, Ind. Platinum-Pinnacle Posh Consultant

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Time to WIN with POSH by Shaleen! Free Hockey Tickets from UR POSH LADY!

New Year - New You! Enter to Win a family set of 5 Iowa Wild hockey tickets for January 29, 2016. 
Retail value is $24.00 a ticket. 
How to Win!! 
Step 1- Like the Page 
Step 2- Post your Goals for 2016 

Terms and Conditions-
All posts must be made by January 15th. On Jan 16 I will enter all entries into to pick a Winner! 
Tickets will be mailed ASAP 
Enter today! 

From UR Posh Lady
Shaleen Ague

Monday, December 28, 2015

Double the Rewards Points for two Day!

After all your hard work in December, we feel you need a little perk me up before the New Year. Pamper yourself with one of our select 14 Posh products and get Double Perks* for personal individual purchases from December 28 at 10:00 AM MT – December 29 at 11:59 PM MT.
Terms and Conditions!
*Receive 20 Perks for every $1 spent on personal (individual) purchases on a list of 14 selected items at
between December 28, 2015, 10:00 AM MT until December 29, 2015, 11:59 PM MT.
Perks will be added when you are logged into your Perks account and using your personal email address. The promotion does not include additional points for referrals, hostess parties, starter kit, portal purchases or Buy 5 Get 1 Free purchases. Taxes and shipping not included. All Other Perks Reward Program Terms & Conditions apply to this promotion.

These are some of my favorites and top sellers. 
Items included are 
original snarky
Coconut oil
Gender Bender
Honey, Honey Body Creme
Honey Honey Handcreme
Lil Snarky handcreme
Muddy Honey
Never Grow-up Serum
Never Grow-up Creme
Night and Day
Snarky Butter
Snarky Tranquilizer 
Double the Perk points on these selected items until Dec. 29th at 11:59 MST

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Huge Congrats to Joanna Wells for her entry!! She was the winner of 5 hockey tickets! Merry Christmas! Your tickets are on their way!

Do you need some family time? Is your budget tight this of year? Would you love something fun for the whole family to do during Christmas break for FREE?
Starting Dec. 5th- Dec. 20th I am taking entries for 2 sets of 5 tickets to the Iowa Wild Hockey game on Dec. 27th at 5:00 PM at Wells Fargo Arena In Des Moines, Iowa! The whole family can go for FREE!!
(ticket retail price is $24.00 each)
What do you have to do to be entered into the drawing?
I just need you to like my business page at
and send me a short (no more than 250 word) reason WHY YOUR FAMILY deserves to go!
(enter it on my facebook business page)
On Dec. 20th I will draw from the entries and two lucky families will be attend the Iowa Wild vs. Rockford IceHogs at Wells Fargo Arena for FREE!
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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Contest time for the Whole Family


Do you need some family time? Is your budget tight this of year? Would you love something fun for the whole family to do during Christmas break for FREE?

Starting Dec. 5th- Dec. 20th I am taking entries for 2 sets of 5 tickets to the Iowa Wild Hockey game on Dec. 27th at 5:00 PM at Wells Fargo Arena In Des Moines, Iowa! The whole family can go for FREE!!
(ticket retail price is $24.00 each)

What do you have to do to be entered into the drawing?
I just need you to like my business page at and send me a short (no more than 250 word) reason WHY YOUR FAMILY deserves to go!
(enter it on my facebook business page)

On Dec. 20th I will draw from the entries and two lucky families will be attend the Iowa Wild vs. Rockford IceHogs at Wells Fargo Arena for FREE!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Yes, it is a simple soap and lotion company! Yes, it is changing lives one consultant at a time. 
Look what my Posh Crew ladies have accomplished in one month...
Remember we share products that are $25.00 and under..

Company Sales for Nov. 2015 $877,046.01
3,800 amazing ladies on the Posh Crew Company accompliished some amazing things! We all have different goals and we all love one thing PERFECTLY POSH products!
No one should wait for an opportunity like this? 

It has never been so easy to start with something you can really love and share.  I don't sell Posh, I Share Posh!  Let Perfectly Posh pay for your Christmas this Year! 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Winter Fun with HOCKEY and POSH!

I am super excited to be a part of this fun season with my Shaleen Ague, Perfectly Posh Ind. Consultant​ business.   I will be offering up some fun games and giveaways for tickets at all the games listed below.   Be ready to play and have fun with me. Make sure you are part of my business page

Posh is going IOWA WILD!  


I will be present at Wells Fargo Arena for Iowa Wild on 

Sunday December 27th 5pm (Health & Wellness)
Friday January 29th 7pm (Military Appreciation)
Friday February 12th 7pm (Pink in the Rink)- HUGE EVENT Breast Cancer Awareness.
Friday April 1st at 7pm (Faith and Family Night)

Who is ready to win some tickets to watch this Fun Hockey Season? 

Time for some HOCKEY!
Posh and Pucks come together!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Business is Growth!

Featured Blog by Ann Dalton. 
Business is growth. It’s a fact, and it’s a beautiful thing. There’s a certain enlightenment that comes to everyone who owns and works their own business: you are building things. Yes, you share great pampering products, but have you ever stopped to think about all the resources and people you help bring together to make it happen? Have you stopped to think about the impact you have on others in your business? It touches a lot of real people. When you take a minute or two from time-to-time to see it, it’s easy to find yourself getting very passionate about what you do. Businesses run well create jobs, things, and meaning. 
2015 growth continues
Next, I want to show you just a tiny peek at some of the other magic your business helps create. It’s just a tiny glimpse at the growth I get to see as we all build Posh, and it’s inspiring.

more workers and lots of jobs 

 Yesterday I looked over a new shipment of Posh wear. I love to see our army of pink and know we’re branding machines in it - but let me tell you about Andy. He delivered that shipment of new Posh wear. He PERSONALLY was also the one who decorated it. He has a shop in the town I grew up in just north of the Home Office. There, he employs himself, his wife, and four other people. They take my designs and put them on real things for you and me at really affordable prices so that we can be that pink branding army. Andy has two sons, and a nice home. He and his wife do tons of great things all over their community, for their staff, and for us. You are his biggest and his best customers. You are the lifeblood of his business, and make it possible for him to create those jobs, support his family, and contribute in his community.
Let me tell you something else about Andy. I’ve worked with him for a long, long time. I remember when he quit a job to start working for himself. I was his biggest client back then, too. When I sold my business that gave him a lot of work, and then soon after started Posh he was put in a position by a big, big company to have to choose to work with us or keep their business. He chose our relationship over much more lucrative orders. He chose to keep us. I smile every time I see someone in their Posh wear. I get giddy when I see some of you post that you LIVE in it, and wear nothing else. Realize when you’re all Poshed up, you’re not just a branding machine, but when you invest in it, you’re providing an AMAZING company with the support they need to continue to be successful. As you can imagine, we only use Andy’s shop for Posh wear. Doesn’t it feel great to be a business owner, and know you’re supporting businesses that are really invested in our success?
Today, I’m on a plane. I’m headed to one of our biggest manufacturers to see some things on the line, to wrap up decisions, costs, and packaging on all of our NEW goodies for fall, the holidays, and a few other surprises (SHAMELESS PLUG: most of them will be announced at Unconventional 3 in Las Vegas, August 7 -9 - you should be there! Registration opens May 1). I talked a little about this manufacturer at Posh at Play. I love this company. They’re a big piece of making product happen at Posh. Our fabulous pampering products are pretty darn important. This lab is located in a beautiful part of Northern California surrounded by rolling hills and farming on one side, and the rocky cliffs and crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean on the other. There are fewer places in this country more serene. There are also fewer states in this country that were harder-hit by this economy. 

expanded product lines and amounts

Alida started this business back in the 1970s. Armed with her Masters in Chemistry from Berkley, she’s always been passionate about really great products and has been a fundamental asset to Posh since before we began. She and Rachel, our very own “Posh staff” at this lab, help me marry my insane ideas with reality, while still letting us have confidence in the quality of ingredients we use. Jeff joined Alida in the early 1980s and helps keep on top of the machinery and operations needed to pull off and keep up with my crazy ideas. Together, they grew their manufacturing business to employ HUNDREDS of workers. They have been focused on technology, sustainability, the best and trendiest ingredients, and excellent service to companies like ours who are looking for quality, private-label products. They run a smart, efficient, and innovative business. They’re truly a testament to the good you do when you own a company. 
When I had the pleasure of meeting them three years ago, they were so gracious and helpful talking to this woman with a few ideas, and no sales. Literally, I had been laughed at and hung up on more than a dozen times looking for the right manufacturers. At the end of our first meeting, Jeff gave me a hug and said, “I think you can do it, and I know we can help.” Alida jumped right in and told me where I was way off base, and holes we needed to fill in the product line to help us make sure we were really filling the right gap: fun products with the best ingredients. They believed in a little pink idea. I would find out as we became friends, that the California economy hadn’t been easy for their business. They had let faithful employees go. They had cut back on their facilities, plans, and even some things they wanted personally (like trimming back their own hours) just to keep going. They believed in Posh because they knew we could help them if they could  help us first. 

Platinum 2015 Facility Trip

Last summer, I had the opportunity to talk to Don. He’s been a plant manager for over twenty years working with Jeff and Alida. He was wearing a Stripper t shirt that we had sent in a big box at Christmastime. He was laughing and telling me how his crew making The Stripper had all bet we’d never sell it. How on earth could anyone sell that purpley-gray muck? Then he said, he saw what we’d called it and ROLLED his eyes at us. Months later, he was making entirely NEW equipment because he was making SO much Stripper. The equipment he had on his line wasn’t enough for the much bigger batches needed to be able to keep up. He wanted to hand it to us -- he didn’t think we could pull it off. We had a good laugh. He was ecstatic it was in our top five sellers. He said he could make us as MUCH as we needed. Then he got very serious. He teared even a little, and he said, “thank you. Tell these women, “thank you”. I’m calling my old employees back to work. We’re busy. We are so grateful to have these jobs.” 
That was one of the best BIG PICTURE moments for me that I’ve had since we started Perfectly Posh. BIG. It’s so easy to think about small day-to-day things: “to do” lists, things you could be doing better, and things you wish you had more time for. Sometimes owning a business feels like something you can’t take a break from. Then some days, you’re reminded of something that shows you just how IMPORTANT what you’re doing really is. 
What a ride it is developing product with Posh. I want to shake up the whole line several times a year. We have lots of seasonal products. I get these CRAZY ideas. Jeff and Alida and their wonderful team keep up. They make it happen. Sometimes they laugh at me, and then you take what we create and BOOM - we’re just two and a half-years-old with over 8500 Consultants and we’ve sold over $11 million in fabulous pampering products (including over a million dollars each in February and March alone!). Businesses working together: your business, my business, their business. Can you even believe what we’ve accomplished? Think about what you’ve had a hand in creating. 
You’re a business owner. I’m I a business owner. We’re CREATING something that only exists because WE MAKE it happen. It’s hard sometimes, but it’s POWERFUL. We get to involve so many incredible people. We get to let them help us succeed and we get to help them succeed. Have YOU thought about your business that way? With your family? With your team? With these few great people I just got to tell you about? We are growing and building and improving people, businesses, and ourselves.
This blog post is a novel. Pat yourself on the back if you’re still with me. I’m a little passionate about this, if you couldn’t tell. Andy, Jeff, and Alida are only the tiniest of pieces in this incredible story. I could fill a wall with books of stories of things we all touch and improve as we grow. Never be afraid to share your business. When we do, we do miraculous things. Take it seriously even if you can’t give it too much of your time. Our country, our friends, and neighbors deserve it as much as we do. I’m so thankful you’re willing to work together with us as we create our USA brand and leave a big, BOLD pink exclamation point all over everyone as we grow.
Business creates. Business is growth. YOU own a business. You are a creator. Way to go. 

New Machines to make more Pampering Products

Become part of our amazing business growth today. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Veteran's Day from UR Posh Lady!

In honor of Verteran's Day we are offering up our AMAAAZING Big Fat Yummy Handcreme for only $8.00.
Thank you to all Military Members and also their Spouses for all the AMAAAZING things you do for our country!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Why Consider Perfectly Posh? Let me share...

Why Consider Perfectly Posh? 
      As a team leader of Posh Crew I get the pleasure of meeting and working with a lot of different individuals.  These ladies help push me, encourage me and bless my life everyday.  Did you know that not all of these ladies joined my team to build a business?  

NO... Not everyone comes into this amazing business because they want to grow a huge team.  We have so many different goals, reasons and aspirations in our team.  I would love to take some time and share with you several of the reasons people join our team.  Maybe you can see yourself becoming a part of this amazing group. 

Reason 1
    Being a SAHM I need some time away from home. I love to hang with other women and have a good time. 

Reason 2    
I would love just a little extra money to buy something for myself without feeling guilty

Reason 3
     Bills have gotten so high, groceries are costing so much more and I need more money to get by without working tons of hours

Reason 4 
    I love to meet new people!  I have a passion for people and sharing amazing products with them.
Reason 5  
    I love to travel.  Nothing beats getting rewarded with trips and prizes. 

Reason 6 
   I love the products for myself.  I love getting quality products at a discount. 
Reason 7
   Building relationships with ladies all over the USA.  Getting to know people I would have never had the chance to meet. 

Reason 8 
   Building my own business!  Not working in corporate America where they tell me when I can have a day off. 
Reason 9
   I can be there for my family!  Take my kids on their school trips, be a room Mom, or be there before and after school.  NO MORE DAYCARE! 

Reason 10 
   I can help other women see their potential, grow their own business, and make something better for themselves and their families. 

WAIT.... There are so many more reasons why people join our Posh Crew team.  I would be honored to sponsor you and help you find your reason.   Everyone can find their reason, their Why and their aspirations.  I am excited to help you find yours.  Join us today. 

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