Friday, December 27, 2013


I want to share with you WHY I am passionate about everything that is in my Posh Products.  Watch this wonderful video by our CEO, Ann Dalton and hear straight from her WHY we use what we use.  
I am happy to answer any additional questions you may have about our products and my love for sharing these products.
Stop by my page: 

This is a must watch for all!

You will never want to try anything else again!
and Pure Passion
Perfectly Posh

Thursday, December 26, 2013

After Christmas Deals!!

Did you get what you wanted for Christmas? 
If not treat  yourself today!

The Deals are here until Dec. 30th!!  Check out this awesome after Christmas Beauty Package! 
Post Christmas help for a HUGE deal..

Retails at $119 and you get it for $69.00 (excludes tax and shipping)

Included for head to toe pampering-
Brazilian Body Slather- Sweet Jungle Brazil Nut and Babassu Butter
Make Out Magic Lip Scrub- Natural sugar exfoliates and rich butters moisturize the most tuckered pucker. 
BFF Best Face Forever-Millions of scrubbing, exfoliating microbeads and naturally cleaning blend of grapefruit and peppermint essential oils soothe and freshen. Gentle for everyday use. 
Tree Hugger Body Scrub-Natural and firm D*Tox scrub. Features Deep-cleansing clay, sea salt, and earthy blend of strawberry seeds and coconut. 
UnderWonder Pore Primer-Prime your pores and the skin on your face with our stain smooth primer.
Tea Tree and Neem Deep Clean- Tea Tree oils loves and cleans your hair with spectacular tingle to keep skin and scalp conditioned. Pair it with rare Asian neem oil to stimulate circultaion to soothe the scalp.

Would you like to invest that money into your future?
Still available is our Double Favorites Starter Kit! 
Get all the deals and a business with just $99.00
We would love to welcome you into our Posh Crew Team
Start something for your future!

Quick Start Help, Business supplies and a Future of Success awaits you! 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to all my Customers, Friends and Followers!!  Thank you so much for all your support in 2013!!  I am looking forward to a wonderful 2014 with lots of Poshtastic things in store!  Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New year. 

Shaleen Ague, Ind. Perfectly Posh Consultant

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Join our Pampering Pursuit

Take a look at this map!! Do you know anyone in the white states? Are you from one of those white states? 
I am looking for dedicated, driven women that enjoys sharing a passion for top grade spa products that fit into your budget and time schedule!!
Even if you live in the colored area you would be joining a company that is still ground level at 6,000 consultants.
Our Posh Crew would love to welcome you to our Pampering Pursuit this month with our wonderful starter kit and Posh Academy!!
I would be honored to answer any questions that you may have and get you started on something big.

Join Information

Look what we have for December...

Over $280  in Best-Selling Posh Products
Plus over $100 value in helpful business tools, AND get helpful training

Start a Perfectly Posh Business In December
It's Twice as Nice!!
Double Starter Kit Month
Every Perfectly Posh Starter Kit features 2x the Best-sellers.

All Business Starter Kits ship within one business day after enrollment.
All Business Kits sent to arrive within 3 Business Days of shipping.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gift Giving Guide the Perfectly Posh Way

Gift Giving made Easy with Perfeclty Posh by Shaleen Ague 
If you have a diva, girl on the run or maybe a superstar mom on your list I have the perfect give ideas for you. Fast, portable and OH, SO POSH!! Check it out and let me help you finish your Christmas Shopping today!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Double the Kit and FREE Training!!!

THIS IS HUGE!!! More information flooding in about all the opportunities for you ladies that join now!!
Posh Prep Academy, Double Starter Kit, Expedited Shipping on kits and with the Prep Academy comes lots of extra rewards for building your business.
The time right for you to join us!!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Quality Beauty Products... FILLER FREE!

When filling your stockings this year CONSIDER leaving the fillers out!!  Offering spa-grade products without all the harmful fillers.  Remember everything in our catalog is BUY 5 get 1 FREE and Under $25.00 
Offering a discount when you turn in your OTHER BODY PRODUCTS and Purchase QUALITY POSH from me!!  Ask me about my trade in program going on from Nov. 27th through DEC. 12th. 
(Christmas arrival if purchased before the 12th!)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Black Friday Bundle Special

Meet the Perky Turkey

I told you that the specials would keep coming... NOW this one is awesome! Our top selling products just for you and at a HUGE discount!
What are they..
Stripper- Take it all off when you smooth on this creamy mud. Let the detoxifying blend of muds, and clays help you expel harmful pollution and reveal youthful skin..
Healer- "we call this our magic stick at home"A long held miracle aiding in the healing of almost anything that ails the skin: mild burns, moisture depletion, dry flaky skin, dark spots and so much more!! SHEA BUTTER LOADED!!
Gender Bender!! A BIG GAT luxury to get your hands around. The Activated Charcoal in this bar soap will get you so CLEAN without drying you out.  Have acne issues... use it on your body and face!!  Men love this bar soap!

ONLY TWO DAYS so act fast on this Massive Black Friday deal! 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bigger then Black Friday!!

These are better then Black Friday sales!! Stocking Stuffers from our Close-out are going FAST!! Sinful Skins that sold for $15.00 are now $1.00. INVENTORY REDUCTION at the best. 
GO to Shop Close-out Deals 
Click on the Close out list for a better view of these awesome specials.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Winter Lips? NO MORE with Perfectly Posh by Shaleen Ague

Taking orders -- 6 pack of lip balms for $20 {Santa will love giving these this year too }

Pick your flavors: Raspberry*, Mango, Orange*, Strawberry, Pina Colada*, Mint*, Kahlua*.
*denotes limited supply of this flavor.
Your LIPS with thank you...

Protect your lips from harsh weather without harmful ingredients that dry out your lips in your chap stick/lip balm -- No alcohols, No lanolin - We use good 'ol beeswax & Shea butter! Dr Oz has a good video explaining what chap stick does to your lips.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Shaleen Ague, Ind. Perfectly Posh Consultant: D* tox with the Stripper! Perfectly Posh By Shalee...

Shaleen Ague, Ind. Perfectly Posh Consultant: D* tox with the Stripper! Perfectly Posh By Shalee...: Tip Tuesday!! Try our Stripper with a Kick!!  1. Put your Stripper  mud mask on before getting into the shower!!   2. Do you ...

D* tox with the Stripper! Perfectly Posh By Shaleen

Tip Tuesday!!

Try our Stripper with a Kick!! 
1. Put your Stripper  mud mask on before getting into the shower!!  
2. Do you daily shower routine with the Stripper applied
3. Let the steam open your pores and let the D*tox work some magic.
4. Wash Stripper off before exiting the shower for a Full blown Detox Strip!!
TRY IT!!!  You won't Strip any other way again!!

Full of Kaolin for a deep down clean for the skin (body and face) Known for absorbing toxins and free radicals we run encounter every day. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Friday, October 4, 2013

Free Beauty Goodies!

Did you get in on this deal!!
What if I could offer you a Free sample and Catalog? What if you can feel the exclusive ritual facial mask for FREE? Go to this link and claim your pampering pursuit FREE sample.

10,000 Free Goodies Available!

You Deserve to be Pampered!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pinnacle Club 2013

Such an honor to be nominated into the Pinnacle Club.  I am so thankful for all the wonderful ladies I have had the chance to meet.  This is a journey that I look forward to sharing with lots of other people.
Join our Pampering Pursuit today and get in on the ground level. Perfectly Posh is turning 2 years old on Oct. 1, 2013.  Join us and celebrate

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Get in on the last Push to 5,000!

ONLY 120 spots left for the 5,000 Posh Push

Have you thought of where you could be with companies like (Mary Kay, 31, Scentsy) if you would have joined as the first 5,000 consultants?
I would love to share this opportunity with you. 
We are nearing the 5,000 mark and the business is bombing with new recruits and awesome products.
Don't say "I wish I would have"

 LESS THAN 150 spots to claim that you joined during the Perfectly Posh's Fab Five event! If you wait any longer, you will miss receiving the EXCLUSIVE Posh t-shirt that shows you being part of the FIRST 5000 Consultants!!! Grab it now!!  

Let Us Show you WHY?

I would love to share my passion, love and extra starter kit perks with you. 
Consider joining our Posh Crew team today and enjoy the support, friendship and encouragement of a wonderful team of girls. 
I would love to chat with you about this opportunity and get you started right away!  
Message me today at 
Be a part of this movement and join our Pampering Pursuit!
We are waiting for you to join our Posh Crew team!

Offering Flexible Schedules, Fun Pampering Product and Lots of Growth Potential 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I am offering a fun little gamble where you WIN..WIN!! Perfectly Posh is drawing a name each day to WIN $200 product credit! What do you need to do? GO to my site at and order anything and of any amount and be entered to WIN with ME! We will split the bank and each get $100 of Free products. 

For any orders placed today..Home office will draw the winner tomorrow!! 
Watch for Winners at
Order some awesome pampering products that you already have been looking at plus get a chance to WIN even more! 
LET's Celebrate the Posh Birthday in Style!
(offer runs for the month on Sept and all on-line orders or home orders qualify for a chance to win)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Giving Blood and Vitamin E!

Do you give plasma on a regular basis?
 Do you suffer from scarring?
 New research shows that there are some great ways to prevent/remove plasma donor scars. 
Most regular donors know that the side effect of donating plasma on a regular basis for a duration of time is plasma donation scars. These scars appear red or clear in color and often match the injection site.  They can often make giving plasma more difficult in time. 

Perfectly Posh is here to HELP!

 You don't have to suffer or fear anymore! Perfectly Posh is here to help with our portable and easy to use Liberator....
$12.00 each

How to Prevent Plasma Donation Scars

Long term donors have scars - it's an unavoidable side effect of donation. You can prevent arm scars, though. Here's how to prevent plasma scars:

·                     Switch arms every donation. Some plasma donors are righties, some are lefties. Be an ambidextrous donor! Switching arms (being ambidextrous) prevents scars by allowing your arm skin to heal.

·                     Take vitamin E cream with you. Apply vitamin E cream before and after donation. Vitamin E is essential to skin healing, so rub on some vitamin E to prevent scars.

·                     Drink gallons of water! Okay, not that much. But drinks lots of water. Skin tissues need water to heal. Being properly hydrated leads to easier skin healing and less plasma scar formation. Not to mention, your donation time goes quicker when you're properly hydrated, so drink your water.

Our  Liberator (skin stick) is loaded with just what you need to prevent/remove plasma donation scars.

The Liberator is Vitamin E loaded for preserving youthful skin
Promote elasticity with Vitamin E
Help prevent free radical damage to your face with The Liberator
The Liberator helps repair small erosions in skin that make it look tired
The Liberator is loaded with antioxidant rich Vitamin E.
The Liberator is free of dye and fragrance, great to put on face and treat eyes. 
Vitamin E in the Liberator will help speed cell regeneration
The Liberator, vitamin E stick helps skin retain it's natural moisture
Vitamin E in the Liberator promotes better circulation in skin
The Liberator is a great way to keep cuticles and nails looking healthy.
The Liberator will free your eyes from pollution damage you encounter every day. 

So first try.. vitamin E! Vitamin E not only prevents plasma scars - it can also get rid of scars. Vitamin E is essential to healthy skin cells and tissues, so rub the Liberator on the scar twice daily to diminish the appearance. Don't mess with those Vitamin E oils and liquids that make such a mess, try our Liberator for ease, portability and decreased scar tissue formation!!

If you would like more information about our Liberator stick you can contact me at or check out my catalog at
If you work in a Plasma donation center or give on a regular basis I would love to offer you our Buy 5 get one Free deal!  Contact me today to order, to receive Posh Catalogs for your office or samples to try yourself. 

Other Skin Sticks Available..

Monday, August 26, 2013

Your Skin and Vitamin C

Looking for flawless, youthful skin, smooth skin? This unique, high tech blend of Vitamin C extracts and co-enzymes including CoQ10 disenchant discoloration while gentle chamomile soothes. Fight hyperpigmentation and promote the growth of young elastic skin. 
This isn't called The Vitamin-C Fairy for no reason. 
Apply two drops a day to a clean dry face 1-2 times daily. Rub in and allow to dry before applying other products.
Message me for your own sample or 
visit to order your own.
 for me!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Be a manicure maven with Perfectly Posh. Use Down with Dirty to eliminate free radicals, Cuticle Cutie to soften em up, and top them with your favorite nail polish!
Easy is what we are all

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Another Happy Posh Customer

Got the Stripper on my face!  This stuff ...the dogs look at me a little strange though. If you're in need of a stripper, I highly suggest This one from Perfectly Posh, and if you don't already have a Posh representative I highly suggest Shaleen Ague!
Loving the Stripper! 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Enter to Win...

Onemomentintime blog, Pampering Products and Mode9ine online fashion store collaborated to bring you this little giveaway.

This is our little way of giving back to our adorable fans and followers that started this journey with us. We are indeed grateful!

Now we are giving away $60 to one lucky person out there. This is a super easy giveaway.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Fall/Winter Pampering Is here!!

August 1st 
kick starts the new Fall/Winter Perfectly Posh Paper!  We have made many changes and are proud to introduce lots of new items to pamper you even more.
 Need a new paper for yourself?  Message me today with your address and I will send one out ASAP.

View Now!

Take time and check out the catalog on-line.
The NEW Catalog Features.. 3 New Skin Sticks:
2. The Sleepy Sleep Stick: Lavender Loaded
3. The Glam Girl: Mega Shine

August Only Monthly Sale!

Special is Only for August so act fast!
NEW Stare at my Hair
1. Tea Tree and Neem Hair and Scalp Mask
2. Argan oil Anti-Frizz

NEW Feed Your Face: Serums
1 The Vitamin C Fairy
2. Sweet Young Thing
Also try:
Calm Down Mask
Under Wonder Pore Primer
and NOW and Zen now available in individual packs.

NEW All Mixd Up.. Make your mood when you get All Mixd up with Posh. It's so simple, and it's all yours. Combine any fragrance(s) and effect(s) to create the perfect soaking, steaming, and scented time for you.  Available in 12 effects and 12 fragrances.....Yours for the mix up!

NEW Tree Hugger Lip Scrub and balm for a delicious pucker all the way around!
Add some New DaMintcha Sugar Scrub to your body... or slather on our NEW Hot Pepper Sha-Bang Slather for a luxurious warming, therapeutic relief to those tight, tired muscles.
One of my favorites!!

Lastly don't forget our NEW and always popular Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme  in Berrly Behaving!! Loaded with all the love that those working hands need.

So many new things....So much pampering!  Showering you with wonderful boutique like spa events at your home, or showing you a good time with my on-line Pampering Fiesta... Game, Fun and Prizes!  Booking for the busy fall selling season Now!!
Only $99.00 to Join

Nothing Feels as good as a little time to yourself and some pampering... Ask me to try a sample of any of our wonderful pampering products.

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Young Couponer & Her Reviews: Perfectly Posh Review

The Young Couponer & Her Reviews: Perfectly Posh Review: Have you ever heard of the Posh products? Well if you haven't you're in for a big surprise! I received 4 sample lip scrubs, 1 full s...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Posh the Moon Perfectly Posh Incentive 2013

WOW!!!  Back from a top notch incentive trip and had to share some of the highlights of my amazing company, the girls in it and all the great adventures that took place.

Nothing compares to 4 days of pampering from a company that cares for their consultants.
On June 12th I was flown from Cedar Rapids to California to enjoy some pampering with 16 other wonderful Perfectly Posh Consultants.   

Where did we go???  To the Best... The Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay!  To enjoy time together, eat good food and each receive our own pampering courtesy of Perfectly Posh.

The itinerary was packed full of fun, prizes, site seeing and great fellowship with other hard working girls. The fun room drops help make every day exciting as we got secret prizes delivered to our rooms
One of my favorite events was our trip to the Lab where all our Perfectly Posh products are made.
  FUN FACTS from my incentive trip to the Lab!!
Did you know a lot of our products are hand poured, packaged and labeled?
Each Snarky bar is hand poured, and wrapped by workers at the lab- I got a chance to do it and it wasn't easy... Good thing I sell it and not wrap it. 
Each Bombinator is hand made with a top secret technique and let to dry for 24 hours before they are packaged up. 
Our water in our products is purified to be pharmaceutical grade
Each ingredient is checked by our lab to make sure it is the purest form
Our lab also produces products for Mary Kay, Estee Lauder and Bare Minerals
Super company with super awesome owners!!!

Next we heading into Capitola for shopping and lunch..  Such a beautiful place to spend the day shopping, enjoying the views and hanging out in the afternoon.

A full Thursday afternoon allowed us time to Pamper ourselves on Friday at the Ritz Spa. 
Each of us enjoyed our own choice of pampering plus all the amenities that went with the spa treatments.       Absolutely, the most amazing spa I have ever been to. 
Perfectly Posh and the lab even made us a special massage oil just for our sessions.  It was our very own Posh the Moon massage oil. 
We got to enjoy the many complimentary amenities at the spa such as the whirlpool, sauna, lounges and more. So relaxing and fun to hang out and enjoy each others company.

Next was the Segway tour!!  We had an absolute blast learning and touring the Half Moon Bay resort. I now want to own my own Segway.  What a blast!
"We added our own flair with the Batman and Bat lady caps." 

That night included Sleepy Moon PJ party and we enjoyed smores, a fire and all the fixing.  Time to enjoy each others company. 

Words can not explain how much fun I had and how much I love my Perfectly Posh Company and fellow consultants.  With a little over 20 months under our belts as a company we are growing, spreading the pampering news and rewarding our top leaders.
I love to share my stories because I want other women to be able to experience this and know that all this is possible by just joining my team and working hard to get what you want.

Thank You Perfectly Posh for such a memorable experience that I will remember for a lifetime!!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Coffee and your Skin

Dark Circles?  Puffy Eyes?  Does your face need some PERK?  

Well I am here to offer you some great advice with some wonderful products to back it up. 
Coffee/Caffeine has made a huge impact in the appearance and health of our skin in many ways.  With all the rage in how great coffee can be to drink it is about time that we see the difference it can also make to our skin. 
I ran across this article  Coffee: Perks For Skin and it sums up the need for caffeine in your daily facial regimen. Here is a great list of all the things that Caffeine can do for your skin.  This list is not all inclusive:

1. tightens and brightens
2. anti-inflammatory agent
3. anti-oxidant
4.Constricts blood vessels = decrease puffiness under eyes
5. temporarily dehydrates = decrease the appearance of surface cellulite
6. invigorating fragrance beans = wonderful exfoliator
8. Decreases skin redness 

Slap me SILLY and give me some Caffeine!

Time to introduce you to some of my favorite products from Perfectly Posh that will be sure to Slap you silly with lots of Caffeine.

(pictured above) Wired Mango Slaps surface Cellulite as you soak in your nice warm bath. 

 Blast your lips with moisturizing shea butter, beeswax and almond oil

 Moisture-intense Body Creme with tightening caffeine

Sulfate-free Body Wash with tightening caffeine

 A fabulous face fast! An infusion of moisture and energy for Pretty Skin every day. 

 Shock tired eyes and face into place with daily use of The Caffeinator. This nourishing formulation is perfect for perking up skin during long days or after a short night's sleep. Easy to use and comes in a portable stick. 

Need a Sample? Have a question? 

Grab your Coffee and check out our wonderful catalog on-line for all our wonderful SLS, paraben, soy and gluten free products. 
Everything is Perfectly Poshtastic for all!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

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Thanks and Posh On!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Recent Review and Giveaway

Check out my this Review by NON-MARTHA MOMMA and catch the giveaway!

I recently received some amazing Posh products from Shaleen Ague, Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant.  If you have never heard of Posh here is a little information:

We're paraben-free and paraffin-free
We're free of sulfates including SLS
We have no gluten, lanolin, or soy ingredients
We use the highest-quality essential oils and fine phthalate-free fragrances
We're very natural and consequently gentle: read our labels, please!
We use natural enzymes and gently moisturizing vitamin E to preserve the life and look of our fun pampering products
We're cruelty-free and do not test on animals!

I have an obsession with lip products, so Shaleen catered to my obsession and sent me SLAP! MEAN GREEN MANGO lip balm, MAKE OUT MAGIC BIG FAT YUMMY LIPS gloss, and MAKE OUT MAGIC lip scrub.

I started with the scrub, made my way to the lip balm, and finished off with the gloss. Here are my lips pre-Posh products:

as you can see I naturally have pink lips, but they were dry and rough - no product on my lips yet

Here is what the scrub looks like:

And a description of what the scrub is and how to use is:

Easy enough?!?! Now onto the scrub. My lips with the scrub on them:

*Note - on the "how to use" it says to "simply lick or wipe away any excess sugar". Of course I had to lick some of it away, and I'm not going to lie, it was yummy :) 

No more scrub on my lips, after licking wiping the access sugar away:

Lips still pink, but now also feel nice and smooth :) I then applied the SLAP! mean green mango lip balm, which goes on smoothtly, providing a nice softness and sheen to the lips. I followed the lip balm with the make out magic big fat yummy lips gloss. By the way both the balm and gloss smell and taste great on your lips, you may be tempted to eat them :) The final outcome is I got these moisturized, gorgeous tinted pink, glossy, shiny lips: 

The big fat yummy lips gloss made my lips tingle which gives you that puckered feeling. I loved the way it felt on my lips. 

Almost 2 hours after applying the scrub, balm, and gloss, and my lips still looked fabulous: 

Still looking good, and I even put on a smile for this picture :) 

Shaleen was also kind enough to send me the following samples:

All I can say is I love each and every one of these products and now wish I had full size products : ) Everything smells amazing; the lotions go on nice and smooth, the bath bar/scrub leaves you feeling super clean and smelling great after a shower.


Shaleen has generously offered to give away a lip scrub of choice to one lucky follower. These are the scrubs (I used the bottom one pictured and loved that one, but winner gets to choose which one they want): 

If you like lip products you will fall in love with this scrub, so please take a minute to  complete the GIVEAWAY and the winner could be you. You know the saying, "you gotta be in it to win it" :)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Must reside in the US and be 18 or older. Must respond to winning email notification within 48 hours or another winner will be selected. The Non-Martha Momma is not responsible for shipment of this prize

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