Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Coffee and your Skin

Dark Circles?  Puffy Eyes?  Does your face need some PERK?  

Well I am here to offer you some great advice with some wonderful products to back it up. 
Coffee/Caffeine has made a huge impact in the appearance and health of our skin in many ways.  With all the rage in how great coffee can be to drink it is about time that we see the difference it can also make to our skin. 
I ran across this article  Coffee: Perks For Skin www.beautytemple.us and it sums up the need for caffeine in your daily facial regimen. Here is a great list of all the things that Caffeine can do for your skin.  This list is not all inclusive:

1. tightens and brightens
2. anti-inflammatory agent
3. anti-oxidant
4.Constricts blood vessels = decrease puffiness under eyes
5. temporarily dehydrates = decrease the appearance of surface cellulite
6. invigorating fragrance
7.coffee beans = wonderful exfoliator
8. Decreases skin redness 

Slap me SILLY and give me some Caffeine! 


Time to introduce you to some of my favorite products from Perfectly Posh that will be sure to Slap you silly with lots of Caffeine.

(pictured above) Wired Mango Slaps surface Cellulite as you soak in your nice warm bath. 

 Blast your lips with moisturizing shea butter, beeswax and almond oil

 Moisture-intense Body Creme with tightening caffeine

Sulfate-free Body Wash with tightening caffeine

 A fabulous face fast! An infusion of moisture and energy for Pretty Skin every day. 

 Shock tired eyes and face into place with daily use of The Caffeinator. This nourishing formulation is perfect for perking up skin during long days or after a short night's sleep. Easy to use and comes in a portable stick. 

Need a Sample? Have a question? 

Grab your Coffee and check out our wonderful catalog on-line for all our wonderful SLS, paraben, soy and gluten free products. 
Everything is Perfectly Poshtastic for all!


Donna Martin said...

would love to try Moisturize 911

Shaleen Ague said...

Hi Donna,
I would love to send you out a Moisturize 911 and a few other samples. If you could send me your address to sjrmuscles@yahoo.com I can get them out to you ASAP..plus a new Fall/Winter Catalog
Looking forward to hearing back from you.

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