Thursday, March 31, 2016

Making History with our Million Dollar Month! March Madness!

YES.. It happened and I am beyond blown away with the work and success of our team/company Posh Crew! It is a team full of women/men working to make their lives and the lives they encounter better!
Our Soap and Lotion Posh Crew team reached a huge milestone today!!! WE HIT 1 MILLION dollars in sales!! YES, I said 1 Million dollars of $25.00 and under products! That is around 11,111 bar soaps and/ or hand cremes. WOW!!!
Our passion to share how to simply pamper and enjoy some ME TIME started with just a few of us. I can remember struggling to get $10,000 in sales a month. 4 1/2 years later these amazing ladies have grown their own amazing teams and are part of this MILLION DOLLAR MONTH!!
Together we are spreading our Pampering Pursuit here in the USA. Way to go ladies. BE PROUD because you ROCK MY WORLD! #bestteamever #poshcrew
If I could tag all of you I would!! You are all a blessing and I am beyond proud of all of you! Go make your dreams happen!
Together we make this happen!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Facial Product time! How to and Why to use Stay Gold!

Product One...
Olive My Love is a gentle, oil-based facial cleanser that will remove makeup without over drying the skin. it is ideally suited to all skin types, oily, dry, combination and mature skin. Olive oil and avocado oil are both skin identical, so they readily absorb into the skin. This is critical for people with oily skin--- as they want to slow down sebum production. Regular use of Olive My Love (and Love me Dew) will help people with oily skin product less oil. The benefits for people with mature and/or dry skin are obvious.

How to Use-
Proper usage involves shaking 6-8 drops of oil onto damp hands and adding an equal amount of water. Rubbing the hands together will emulsify the oil, turing the blend into an off white color. Apply this blend to damp skin and gently massage into skin. Work into areas with heavier make-up, to effectively remove it. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

Stay Gold - Featured Product...

What is it?
A moisturizing and soothing face mask with tumeric, honey, milk and lemon.

What does it do?
Hydrate and soothe skin with shea butter, aloe vera, and honey, then improve skins brightness with tumeric and lemon oil

How to use? 
Apply to clean, dry skin. Avoiding eye area.  leave on for 10-20 minute. Rinse thoroughly and moisturize.

Hydrating Face Mask-
Tumeric to brighten
Shea, Milk and honey to calm, soothe and hydrate
Fragrance: Creamy Honey and Lemon Essential Oil

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Saturday, March 12, 2016

How to use :Perfectly Posh Skin Sticks - AKA Portable Essential Oils

How to use Perfectly Posh Skin Sticks- AKA Portable Essential Oils

Take a few minutes to stop, drop, and roll with whatever life hands you.  Whether you need the nourishing power of essential oils from on of our Skin Sticks or just some R and R on the run, pop our portable Posh Skin Sticks in a pocket or purse because this is the sort of pampering you can take with you!

See how my Son loved the Hipster:

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March Madness here at Posh!! Big Month- Big Growth!

Check out POSH CREW in just 4 years we have done so much! 
Feb was amazing 
We ended Feb. with a company volume of $837,455 (only 30,000 off from our largest month ever), Lots of promotions, and so many new team members... We added over 600 new members to our Posh Crew Company!  Can we say Pampering Pursuit!  #poshboom

Lets look back one Year and compare Feb and March numbers.
In Just ONE YEAR..
Last Feb 2015 We had 1,416 members with sales of $303,350
This Feb 2016 We ended with Over 4,000 members and $837,455

Now lets look at last years Feb compared to March Numbers..
Feb 2015 1,416 members and $303,350 
March 2015 1,729 members and $508,110

** That was 313 new members and $204,000 increase in $$$
Our goal is to end as a ONE MILLION DOLLAR TEAM THIS MARCH!!!
Feb 2016- $837,455
March 2016- To be announced! 
March Madness here Posh Crew comes! 

Featured Product of the Month! 

Need volume and texture to your hair? 
Try our NEW Shampoo loaded with sea salt. 
Adds texture and volume to your hair and feels clean and fresh! 

What is it? An extra-coarse and sulfate-free sea salt shampoo with calming chamomile. 
What does it do? Sea salt adds volume to hair and clarifies the scalp while the coconut oil base and chamomile extract moisturize hair. 
How to use Apply to damp hair, gently massaging into scalp. 
Rinse thoroughly.

Steals and Deals

Are you an online shopper? 
Do you love ‪#‎free‬ goodies? 
Hurry and get a Free Nuts About Pistachio Body Scrub with your $50.00 order. This is one of my ultimate favorites! It will automatically be added to your cart after checkout. Offer Ends March 11, 2016 at 10 MST


Join the Pampering Madness and Watch History in the Making! 

Pick your kit and let us help you get started with lots of support, encouragement and rewards! Pampering begins the day you join our POSH CREW Team! 2 kits to pick from! 

Kit One- Fresh Face Kit 

Kit 2- Lots of Posh Kit ! 

I would love to invite you to a fun filled Opportunity Night via Facebook on March 13, 2016

If you've ever thought this pampering business looked fun, have been interested in earning a little extra cash, or would like to start a new adventure that can create financial stability for your family, join us in your PJ's. You'll hear from current consultants who can share their point of view and answer your questions. We are confident that our Posh Love will be contagious and you won't be able to resist coming along on this Posh Adventure with us!

E-mail me at or facebook at to be added.  No strings attached!!  Join us and see what it is all about! 
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