Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Perfectly Posh Beats an Afternoon Slump!

Skip the candy jar in favor of a quick self-massage to beat an afternoon slump says Fitness Magazine. Take a dab of citrus-or peppermint-scented lotion or oil--studies show that the smell of citrus can evoke a happy mood and that a peppermint fragrance can improve alertness and memory--rub it onto your earlobes, working upwards. " Massaging your ears can help release endorphins in your body, allowing you to feel revitalized." Rushworth says.
- Fitness, January 2012 edition

Take this advise and grab a Perfectly Posh Portabalm

PortabalmsSweet almond oil plus cocoa butter and more combine exquisitely and beg to be rubbed into greedy temples, working wrists, and across naked necks. It's portable pampering for all over you!

Find the Scent to Beat your afternoon Slump

The Golden Mind
Bring clarity, sanity, and focus to your mind and body. Apply all over. Smart, enlivening bergamot and lime

Perk like crazy on your temples, neck, shoulders, wrists, and anywhere else you need to brighten and wake up! A brisk, invigorating peppermint essential oil that is easy to take wherever you go.

Tipsy Lavender
Ease away the stress of the day and let in a light, tipsy mood. Relaxing lavender and exotic neroli oils that will have unwinding at your fingertips.

No matter if you need to bring some Clarity to your day, Perk yourself up , or relax yourself after a long day Perfectly Posh Portabalms are sure to beat that slump!
Grab one today and Posh Yourself!

Try it..
Love it..
Buy it...
Sell it...

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Perfectly Posh proudly offers pure, pampering products. We carefully select the lines, fragrances, and ingredients we offer you, to let you indulge body and mind. It is a pursuit of Perfectly Posh to give you products that you can be proud to wear and to share.

At Posh, you'll be able to indulge in the things that will spoil your skin and your mood. Get peace of mind with our products.
We have:
• no parabens
• no animal by products
• no animal testing
• no SLS
• no gluten or soy

Nothing but purely pleasing ingredients, and things that are only found in the very best products on the planet. We offer you pampering that you can be proud to wear and share.

Freedom, flexibility, and fun! Our business is easy.

We want Posh to fit YOUR life. It's what we're all about. Come and be you. Sell how, when, and what YOU want. We know that together we can build something new and unique that has the ability to make us all a little better - one Independent Consultant at a time.

We offer pampering that is spa-grade, long-lasting, and a fabulous experience for you and your man. Perfectly Posh uses tocopherol (vitamin E) as it's primary preservative, and we fragrance with high-quality perfumes and essential oils. Take care of yourself with products that will please you both mind and body.
Join a Team that is flexible, pampering and fun!
Host a Party and enjoy the Pampering Perks!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

There are only 445 Posh Consultants in the United States. That means that each one has 702,943 customers. Does anyone else see that as a BIG opportunity?
Ground floor opportunity!  Join my Team and grow with or click on join my team.
We would be happy to help you earn some great money along with great friends.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

Get Your Hands around a CHUNK!

Happy Hippie Scrubber Monday

Peace, love and patchouli exfoliates your skin to take you on a far-out creamy vanilla trip.  An ultra-hip, triple-milled, scrubbing sensation.
Be a Hippie from the inside out with our Chunk Hippie Scrubber. Start your day off right and end it with a bang! Peach, Love and Patchouli Vanilla, man!

Click here to order your BIG CHUNK BAR in Hippie Scrubber, Feng Shoap, or Polka-Dot Peppermint.
Happy Monday!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sharing Perfectly Posh!

Oh my Posh! November was a Poshtastic month! Here are some of the highlights:

$106,000.04 in Sales
12,506 items sold
156 New Posh Consultants (Welcome!!!)
So, through today (Dec 6th) we have:
426 Consultants in 42 states

8 states to go: Delaware, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Vermont, and West Virginia. How many of these can we get in December? These people need some pampering.
Click here to Join my Team! Be the first in your area to spread the Posh Pampering Love. Please feel free to contact me also via e-mail for more information or to set-up a time to talk! Anyone that refers a friend and that friend joins I will give them a FREE Perfectly Posh gift set. 

It is ok to POSH YOURSELF!

With the crazy holiday season upon us and everyone running to get things done, let me tell you one thing:
it is OK to POSH YOURSELF...
Soak it up with a Bombinator Bath..
Slathers it on with our rich body butters or Sinful Skin lotions...
Pamper those tired feet with a Rubby Scrubby, or Soothing Stick ...
or maybe just HotJotter the night away with our hydrating perfume stick in Vanilla Chic.

No one can say you don't have enough time to Posh Yourself because...
Our products are portable...
Easy to Use...
and made with the best ingredients
No more long hours of pampering!
Perfectly Posh will help you Posh Yourself and feel great again in no time flat.

Get a Handle on the holiday season by
Joining my TeamHosting a Party, or heck just Buy the Product! When nothing else can help you during this busy time a year, know that IT IS OK TO POSHYOURSELF and enjoy the Holiday Season. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sharing Perfectly Posh with You.

By Sharing Posh
Here are some of the comments we're PROUD to share with people learning about Posh:

• We are PURE pampering products meaning they are made with things that are good for you!

• Our key preservative is vitamin E - which is also GREAT for your skin!

• We are paraben-free meaning none of our products are derived from petroleum like you’ll find in MOST other skin care lines.

• Our hard soaps are made with a sodium palmate base - the base of organic soaps. We’re not certified organic because we wanted to include luxurious fragrance.

• Our Handles are a solid hand lotion. We make them from beeswax and shea butter. You rub them in a little longer, and then they last all day - even through washings. Perfect for harsh cold weather.

• We’re SLS (sodium laureth sulfate) free. SLS is a known irritant used in almost all bath products to help create lather. Perfectly Posh proudly shares that our products don’t use SLS to create a luxurious feel.
Perfectly Posh is Perfect for you! 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Perfectly Posh December Incentive

Just released...Join my Team in December and get All of the Hottie for the Holidays for FREE.  This incentive is more then a $48.00 value and countless nights of relaxation, glitter and fun.  The starter kit includes over 19 pampering products, all your business tools to start and now the Hottie for the Holidays.
Included are:
1. Cinnamon Sass Perfume Tin: Hot cinnamon meets warming spices in a truly creative and unique fragrance sure to turn heads and raise eyebrows. Rub and dab Cinnamon Sass all over and be a Hottie all winter long.
2.Snowball Fight Sparkle Gloss : Shimmer and shine with a twinkling blast of your holiday vanillamint magic want.
3.Glittering Snowball Bombinator: Pamper then SHINE when you use this sparkling vanillamint snowball. Filled with holiday glitter, you'll positively GLOW from pampering!
4.Sparkling Snowfall Body Glitter Spritzer: Vanillamint and golden glitter fall down on you like a winter snowfall with a delightful crisp fragrance. Shimmer from head to toe.

Joining or Just purchasing these Hottie for the Holidays will for sure make this the best Christmas/Winter Season ever.   Limited Time Offer!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holiday Giveaway!

This is the season we all have been waiting for. Many people are showing  love and appreciate to all loved ones this season. Is been a long journey from the month of January to December, and we still remain grateful for all your supports and contributions on the things that makes us happy. One-moment-in-time, Makobi Scribe, The Organic Blonde and  7 other wonderful blogs are giving away $200 Paypal Cash . And to increase your chances we are making it 2 winners.

Entry is easy with Rafflecopter.  Must be 18 or over and have a valid PayPal account that can receive money.  Open worldwide. It takes the Rafflecopter widget a little time to load, kindly spare  few seconds while it loads :-)

The Bombinator!

Pampering Products by Shaleen
Nothing feels as good at a bombinator bath. Great for all ages..Ask my 3 year old daughter she loves her "bomb" baths. Each bombinator can be use for 2-4 baths depending on your preference. Only $9.00, it makes a great addition to your stockings. Order by messaging me or go to my site.  Happy Jesee would say.
my site
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