Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Caffeine and your Skin Care!!

Why is caffeine in skin care products? How do caffeinated beauty products help you and your skin?

This is the subject of this weeks skin care advice, and I have picked out the 4 popular uses for caffeine in skin care products....
 Number One: Caffeine for eyes- A very popular use for caffeine is to help with problems around the eyes, such as dark circles and puffiness. The caffeine decreases swelling and puffiness in the skin. (This is because caffeine is a vasoconstrictor.)

Number Two:Caffeine for Cellulite Treatments – it can help take away fat from the body – help reduce those annoying little dimples on the legs, especially when combined with other ingredients.

Number Three:Caffeine as an antioxidant – oxidation is a process that causes a lot of problems for the skin, oxidation is a process that causes skin cancers to come out, so caffeine as a skin care ingredient acts as an anti-oxidant – very useful. (Oxidation is also the process responsible for wrinkling in addition to cancer.)
Number Four:Caffeine as an anti-inflammatory- When inflammation happens we see colour changes, and redness develop and therefore caffeine as an anti-inflammatory is a great use for the skin.
 Quoted from Dr. Barry Lycka M.D., cosmetic dermatologist

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Thursday, January 3, 2013


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