Friday, November 29, 2013

Quality Beauty Products... FILLER FREE!

When filling your stockings this year CONSIDER leaving the fillers out!!  Offering spa-grade products without all the harmful fillers.  Remember everything in our catalog is BUY 5 get 1 FREE and Under $25.00 
Offering a discount when you turn in your OTHER BODY PRODUCTS and Purchase QUALITY POSH from me!!  Ask me about my trade in program going on from Nov. 27th through DEC. 12th. 
(Christmas arrival if purchased before the 12th!)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Black Friday Bundle Special

Meet the Perky Turkey

I told you that the specials would keep coming... NOW this one is awesome! Our top selling products just for you and at a HUGE discount!
What are they..
Stripper- Take it all off when you smooth on this creamy mud. Let the detoxifying blend of muds, and clays help you expel harmful pollution and reveal youthful skin..
Healer- "we call this our magic stick at home"A long held miracle aiding in the healing of almost anything that ails the skin: mild burns, moisture depletion, dry flaky skin, dark spots and so much more!! SHEA BUTTER LOADED!!
Gender Bender!! A BIG GAT luxury to get your hands around. The Activated Charcoal in this bar soap will get you so CLEAN without drying you out.  Have acne issues... use it on your body and face!!  Men love this bar soap!

ONLY TWO DAYS so act fast on this Massive Black Friday deal! 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bigger then Black Friday!!

These are better then Black Friday sales!! Stocking Stuffers from our Close-out are going FAST!! Sinful Skins that sold for $15.00 are now $1.00. INVENTORY REDUCTION at the best. 
GO to Shop Close-out Deals 
Click on the Close out list for a better view of these awesome specials.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Winter Lips? NO MORE with Perfectly Posh by Shaleen Ague

Taking orders -- 6 pack of lip balms for $20 {Santa will love giving these this year too }

Pick your flavors: Raspberry*, Mango, Orange*, Strawberry, Pina Colada*, Mint*, Kahlua*.
*denotes limited supply of this flavor.
Your LIPS with thank you...

Protect your lips from harsh weather without harmful ingredients that dry out your lips in your chap stick/lip balm -- No alcohols, No lanolin - We use good 'ol beeswax & Shea butter! Dr Oz has a good video explaining what chap stick does to your lips.

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