Monday, November 21, 2011

Posh and Natural Energy Boosters...

Take advantage of the full power of your senses and kick your body and mind into gear!

According to Women's Health magazine, TOUCH can be a natural energy booster. Your hands might be able to put you in a mingling mood. Researchers at Harvard, Yale, and MIT found that people view socializing as tougher after toughing a rough object.
    To mellow out even more, ask your partner for a hand and foot massage with our Funky Fingers Massage Balm. A soothing, relaxing blend of pure oils and shea butter meet an exotic blend of luxurious natural fragrances to temp and take you and your partner far away on a funky-fingered journey.

Lively Lemongrass Funky Fingers Massage Balm is a clean, naturally bright lemon fragrance that will ease away tension and turmoil.

Smooth Samadhi Funky Fingers Massage Balm is a soothe and smooth natural calming sandal wood.

Get your Hands on me and evoke that natural energy booster into gear!

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