Tuesday, November 8, 2011

About My Pampering Products

Below you'll find some helpful Descriptions about some of my product lines.  These helpful descriptions and my catalog (www.perfectlyposh.us/shaleenague) will help you learn all about my products.

Sinful Skin:
A delightfully decadent combination of aloe, glycerin, organic olivates, and the most naturally indulgent oils on earth: coconut, safflower oils, grape seed, jojoba, and avocado plus a little vitamin E to help protect you from the free radicals you encounter every day.  Available in five luxurious fragrances.

Solid Lotion Hand Bars are a unique blend of all-natural shea butter and protecting beeswax combined with cocoa butter, sunflower seed waxes and vitamin E to shield them from the insanity of the day.  Available in 5 fragrances.

Easy Essentials:
Perfectly Posh brings ease and portability to some of earth’s most pampering oils by combining them with other all-natural ingredients. Easy Essentials are the essential oils that go with you, whatever your pursuit.
Mood Misters and Portabalms available in Tipsy lavender, The Golden Mind (Bergamot and Lime), and Peppermint Perk.

Big, fat luxury to get both hands around. Chunk Bath Bars are a fragrant, lathering sanctuary for your skin.  Creamy butters and moisturizing ingredients combine with rare and intricate fragrances.

 Only the most indulgent of fragrances are added to our thick, luxurious body butters. Available in a heady, whipped shea butter formula or a silky satin cocoa and safflower. Slather is packed with aloe, glycerin infusers, and vitamin E that give elasticity and youth to your dry and needy skin.  Get it all over your body!

Because the locked bathroom door is as close as you’ll get a day off, we offer you an anytime metal escape. Bombinators bring bath time bliss. Just break bomb, and sink in for a little breather.

The Healer:
When only the purest pampering will do, mend your skin with Mother Nature’s most proven gift: 100% highly-refined pure shea butter with just a touch of vanilla and orange essential oils to infuse a celestial fragrance.

LipShot Lip Balm:
Generously smooth it all over to protect against harmful ultraviolet rays and brutal breezes. Blast with moisturizing shea butter and almond oil over and over again all day long.

LipShot Lip Gloss:
A blast of nourishing moisture puts a polish on your pucker.  A big tube filled with a juicy blast of sunflower, cocoa and jojoba rich butters will shoot then shine your fabulous, kissable lips.

Funky Fingers Massage Balm:
A soothing, relaxing blend of pure oils and shea butter meet an exotic blend of luxurious natural fragrances to temp and take you and your partner for away on a funky-fingered journey.

Play Footsie:
Your feet deserve to be spoiled. An explosive, invigorating blast of pampering peppermint and thyme will soak, scrub, and soothe away the abuse that you’re crazy life and not-so-sensible shoes are putting your feet through.

You just talked me into it! Cajole massagers are a conditioning soap in a unique massaging shape.  Great to experience on your own, but even better when you get them together. Fragrances are specifically designed to meet and mingle in the shower.

Hot Jotter:
Draw in someone special. Our purely pampering fragrance Jotter is filled with luxurious fine fragrance blended into sweet almond oils and shea butter so you can condition your skin while turning heads. Grab hold of a Hot Jotter and write your day.

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