Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Skin Health and Hydration! Healthy Inside and out!

Ingredient 101 Tuesday!
 Part of my passion with Perfectly Posh is sharing why our ingredients are so wonderful for your skin!! We take the best ingredients and make them pampering just for you. This weeks special includes two of the SkinDelicious Body Butters that include beeswax!! You can feel the difference with our products. www.poshyourself.info

This weeks top picks are on sale!!! Scrumptious Sunshine-is a cocoa butter, safflower and Palm oil base. Fragrance- fresh satsuma and citrus essential oils 

Brazilian Bombshell- cocoa butter, Brazil nut, babassu oil base 
Fragrance- sweet jungle fruit and sugar cane. 

Save this week when you stock up on these top summer picks. 

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