Monday, May 6, 2013

It's time. Best of Posh for Summer!

Getting that Summer glow just got that much easier with our new MAY special!
It is the Best of Posh for Summer with:

Best of Beauty for Summer!
This fabulous set includes: 

1. BFF: Best Face Forever Wash- A nourishing formula with grapefruit and peppermint and millions of scrubbing, exfoliating microbeads. Gentle enough for every day use.

2. Tree Hugger: A new natural and firm D*Tox Scrub. It features a deep-cleaning clay, sea salt and an earthy blend of strawberry seeds and coconut.  Scrub your arms, legs and whole body to free yourself from free-radicals. 

3. Olive You!- Soft Lemon and Green tea Olive Oil Butter ready to slather all over for smooth skin. Helps smooth fine lines and can fade discoloration over time. Anti-oxidant 

4. The Caffeinator: Caffeine to shock those tired eyes and face. This nourishing formulation is perfect for perking up skin during long days or after a short night's sleep. 

5. Chatter: Big, Fat luxury to get your hands around. A Chatty Citrus bar soap to wash yourself from head-to-toe.  Chunk Bath Bars are fragrant, lathering sanctuary for your skin. 

6. Make Out Magic-Big Fat Yummy Lips- Menthol makes em' pucker! Simply stupendous tint-with-a-kick glosses that will give you BIG FAT Yummy Lips. 

JUST $75.00 for the whole set!
Summer ready from Head-to-Toe!

Time to get a Summer Job?
Offering flexible hours
Great Pay
Lots of Fun!
Plus, you can earn your Fall kit for Free

Two kits for the Price of One ($99.00)

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