Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Do you love Perfectly Posh? Do you check on my specials often and keep up to date on what is happening? Would you love to get a discount on all of your purchases no matter what?

I am now looking for 5 BRAND AMBASSADORS!!! And NO you don't
 have to join to become one

So what’s this you ask? A Brand Ambassador Program takes your best customers and gives them an incentive to help you promote your business.
What does it take and what do you need to take on this role?

1. You purchase from me or want to purchase from me on a routine basis
2. Have posted favorable reviews or comments regarding products you have used sampled or purchased
3. Are an active participant on your social networking pages

So what am I offering as an incentive to become a Brand Ambassador.. FREE shipping on every purchase and 20% off of every purchase... ON EVERY PURCHASE!!! This is good for anything, any time, and for as long as you are a Brand Ambassador for me.

What I need you to do as a Brand Ambassador:

In exchange for this discount, I want this group to actively promote my business. This will include posting my page on your social networking pages, sharing with their friends via word of mount, posting about sales and promotions I have, etc.

That brings us back to my Facebook Page . This will be where you’ll communicate with me and get your program promotions to share. For instance, when I have a sale, I'll post it here, asking you as an Ambassador to re-post it on your social networking site and direct them to my page. You as an Ambassador will also be updated when I have a new product coming up, changes to my website, or fun promotions before anyone else.

Again, I am looking for only 5 Brand Ambassadors at this time! Please message me if you are interested and we will chat and get your discount started...

Shaleen Ague

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