Monday, August 6, 2012

The Guy's Tool Box!

Does your man need a little TLC?  Let me show you the perfect gift for any man in your life plus you buy 5 and you 1 for FREE. 

Your man will need:
Grab your Down with Dirty Bombinator and dextox him with lavender and watermint from head to toe.
Next the Gender Bender will keep your man so clean, this charcoal bar is a clean that doesn't discriminate! But the Feng Soap gives you a reason to join this tool box fun!
Stripper time! This is what every man needs...Top to bottom and back again, let this detoxifying blend help you expel harmful pollution from skin and reveal youthful healthy skin.  You know they will love every minute of it.
Lastly lets heal up all those scraps, burns and rashes and flaky skin with some healer. This will make him feel brand new!
In case you need to add a little magic to your man's tool box grab an extra Make-out- Magic lip scrub and share a little time together.
* Disclaimer...
All items can be sold separately but for full results grab the whole line! Your man will love you for it!

1 comment:

This Busy Life said...

These products look great but I'm not sure I could get my husband on board to try them. How do you get men to given them a go?

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