Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring has Sprung and Mother's Day is just around the Corner

Spring has Sprung and Mother's Day is just around the corner. 

What better way to bring in Spring!!!
 PEARLS for GIRLS...Limited !

1. Pearls in My Bath.... A rich and Luxurious liquid bath in a delightful and bright honey fragrance and loaded with real nourishing milk. Sulfate-free girly and pearly suds.. $14.00
2. Shimmer Like a Pearl- A disk of shining highlighter to add a sunny shimmer to cheeks and eyes. Just a touch will brighten and shine your face and your mood. Apply liberally and shimmer on ..$14.00
3. Big Fat Pearly Hand Creme- A Posh classic plus a pop of pearly shimmer. Nourishing with real milk and apricot kernel oil, it's just the pleasure your girly hands need without leaving them greasy. $9.00

But wait.... Get the Pearls for Girls Set for just $33.00
Book a party in March, April or May and get this special as a 1/2 price item. (16.50)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Review for Sugar Fix and Lip Scrub
Reviewed by Rachel Ngom, Ind. Team Beachbody Coach

I am a health and fitness coach and serious health nut. When Shaleen asked me to do a review of her skin care products, I was a bit hesitant. I checked out the website and was impressed by the products. They are all natural and paraben free. I requested she send me Sugar Fix for your Body and the Lip Scrub. I swear it was like 2 days later and a box arrived with my products, plus a bunch of other lotion testers to try out. I was having my baby shower that day so I had some friends and family there to try out the products with me. We all agreed that they smelled HEAVENLY! We all tried the lip scrub and really liked the smooth feeling afterwards. I tried the body scrub that evening and really loved the feeling on my skin afterwards--I was thinking I should've asked to try a lotion too and I really would've gotten the whole package. Shaleen also sent me some tester packets of baby lotion and baby wash, which I won't be able to use for about another 8 weeks, but I am definitely looking forward to trying them on our little boy.

I am very happy with my experience with the Perfectly Posh skin care products and look forward to trying out some more goodies in the future!

Have you ever thought about a sample or a possible review of our wonderful products? I encourage you to check out my products and contact me for a chance to review, sample or earn Free products.

Friday, March 15, 2013

USA...All all the way!

What???  Your beauty products are made in CHINA??? 

With Perfectly Posh you are sure to find top of the line, spa quality beauty products that are made locally.
Take the Tree Hugger for example.
This new, natural and firm D*Tox scrub features deep-cleaning clay , sea salt, and an earthy blend of strawberry seeds and coconut.
Grab a dab and scrub your arms, legs and whole body to free yourself from free radicals. Perfect for the shower or bath.

WHAT???  Our Beauty products are made here???   YES!!  and proud of it.

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